Modah Ani I Give Thanks

First words on my lips at dawn,
what it takes to welcome morning
out of the corner of my eye
the luminescence, a new day’s
burden of grace,
hesitant hand reaching for air,
unbelieving feet
stepping on wood lines.

Beyond the glass, a grey sky rises,
and hills, ancient green.
What it takes to behold the time
between childhood and age,
to hear birth and death
knocking on the same door
at the same time,

to behold the page, unwritten
and blind,
what it takes to remember
I can see for miles
in your light.



Missing Daughter

For the dark inside your room, for the dark
inside you
ceiling stars, ghost green
glow on the desk where your first poem
lies on its back
singing pomegranates and gold bells.

Jar pencils, thin wood fingers
point sharp as absence
to the hole you punched in the wall
of your pink childhood.

Whose fault is this
whose fault
where are you now?

In the unheaven
unblessed child wandering the alleys
of an unfamiliar city,
your room vacant now
daylight gathering in the stars.

#lost-children-who-leave-home-and-do-not-return, #missing-children