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Judith Castle’s poems take the reader into unknown territory. Reading her work is like being a child on a dark night, venturing alone into a haunted house. The expedition is full of tension, but the ghosts we encounter seem somehow familiar and less frightening than we feared.

~ Sheila Martindale, poet, Editor, Island Writer

Judith Castle’s poems are filled with beautiful images that belie the darkness of her poems. you fell off the edge/ of childhood, she writes, and a marriage …slips down the back stairs after all these years. She writes, “ I am an uninvited guest/ in my own life. A stranger.” And this heartbreaking last stanza in Passage: a short woman fastened to a ruined shovel/losing her way/ to the road. And when she looks at the world, with unremitting clarity as she does in Borders:

The man’s loose boot soles flap
like his heart as he pulls his cart along
a sunburned road.

And we know, reading these poems, that they are filled with truth, and a clear darkness that brings, in its way, a kind of light.

~ Wendy Morton, poet.  Recipient of The Spirit Bear Award and The Colleen Thibaudeau Award

Once you’ve read Judith Castle’s stark, startling and urgent poems, you’ll want to buy up copies, press them into your friends’ hands and say, Read this. That’s what I plan to do.

~ Pamela Porter, author of I’ll be Watching, Cathedral, and Governor General’s Award winner The Crazy Man

Montreal has given Victoria a gift in the poetry of Judith Castle. These poems come from a finely tuned “ear listening beneath a dying tree” and eyes that watch and do not flinch. There is humour, insight and a beautiful dark edge throughout that does not “hide from such knowledge” but is the poetry of a writer awake, alert and able to give voice to a myriad of souls and characters living in the midst of life, loss, love and passion.

~ Daniel G. Scott, poet & PhD. School of Child & Youth Care, University of Victoria