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                        We will grieve not, rather find

                        Strength in what remains behind;

                        In the primal sympathy

                        Which having been must ever be….


                                 Ode: Intimations of Immortality 

                                           from Recollections of Early Childhood

                                                                  -William Wordsworth


                      A la fin, seule une ligne indistincte restera,

                      un passage de l’ombre et de la lumière entre ici et d’ailleurs.

                      At the end, only an indistinct line will remain,

                      a passage of shadow and light between here and elsewhere.

                                                                     -Hélène Dorion

                                                                      Jours de sable



In What Remains, Judith Castle’s poems improvise off a Bible quote. Characters and locales sing love, mourn loss, and rejoice – sometimes obliquely – in nature’s healing beauty, each rich detail carrying readers into the soaring light of a greater understanding of the depth and breadth of human experience, each poem a perfect facet of Judith’s diamond-hard consciousness and no-nonsense clarity in image-crafting. These poems will shock you, sadden you, amuse you, and delight you.

Chris Schoofs, Montréal, QC

Echoing Torah, prophets, haunted faces, Judith Castle’s poetry collection, What Remains, scrolls through voices, memory and shadow, offering up that awful pull of love and loss, a stark and poignant reverie.

Dvora Levin, Victoria, BC

The description of some painful or sad experiences brings them to the present moment for me…trying to see love in the dark mirror of family eyes/…family shame stuffed in goose served cold, bad blood on Wedgwood/…I sang a lament in the key of blame and lost love/…Where she will hear for the rest of your life his absent footfall…. Startling metaphors aptly and succinctly describe an image or feeling I can spend ages savoring like a good wine. …Your solitary mind unwrapping the quiet heart of our days…/scattering memory around your grave….  An astonishing literary talent, esoteric, exotic, exceptional.

Sharon Bezeau, Montréal, QC